MUS Innovation Centre is a company established by the Maritime University of Szczecin with the aim of transferring results of research and R&D projects to business and industry. We offer you a rich portfolio of university inventions. It comprises new solutions for navigation, mechanics, engineering – all of which are applicable to maritime industry, shipbuilding, ports, power or IT sectors.
wspolne projekty kolobrzegWe offer licences for above solutions, IP rights or know-how. In partnership with investors we establish spin-offs aimed at commercialising the new technologies.

We also provide specialised services in the areas where the market needs science: expertise, market and IPR strategies, business and technology evaluations, R&D reviews, opinions, audits, specialised and industry-based trainings.

We have vast experience in applying for external funding as well as financial reporting of allocated grants from inter alia. We cooperate with a  group of reliable experts, consultancy agencies and investors.

Our offer is addressed to those who are interested in implementing new technologies, profiting from expert services or commissioning research and development work. We work with polish experts and also abroad (representing foreign companies in Poland). We offer services that satisfy individual needs of our clients.