Modular, Scalable, Mobile Wave Energy Converter: Wave-Eco appears to be a new way to acquire the green energy from marine waves. Take a look on a YOUTUBE CLIP.

Fossil fuels destroy our environment and the problem have been lasting for decades now.  Energy generated from waves would be another green energy source. Unfortunately we faced the lack of solutions for accomplishing such idea. There were some conceptions but most of all they were high-cost installations for wave energy harvesting, assuming exposition of the devices to risk of damage in extreme conditions.

Apperantly, MUS Innovation Centre togheter with Maciej Stamirski (inventor) may just have found the solution. Modular, scalable, mobile wave energy converter: Wave-Eco has a chance to become the first effective project on our way to harvesting the wave energy.
The key to success are the main features of the solution:

  • Modularity – basic element of the device is the module. Device may consist of many identical modules & each module works separately if needed. Modules may be linked by inserting an internal float of one module between external floats of another.
  •  Scalability – device can be lengthen by joining any number of modules. Each added module increases the energy of waves converted by the device. Thanks to switchable longitudinal and transverse connections between modules the device can adapt to the conditions, can be very long and is capable to generate energy continuously
  •  Mobility – there is no fixed connection to the seabed nor to the land required. One anchored point assures optimal arrangement along the waves, so floating detachable modules can easily be detached and moved (e.g. by tugboat).

The Wave-Eco has really competitive advantages. The simplicity of construction ensures low capital expenditures. Serial production of identical modules makes the production cost less. The modularity and mobility are the keys to relatively low level of operation and maintenance costs. The great advantages are also easy adjustment to needs and conditions: it is resistant to high waves and capable of generating electricity continuously.

Most importantly – the group of experts from industry approved the solution!

MUS Innovation Centre along with the proffesional experts: scientists from Maritime University of Szczecin, West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin & Gdańsk University of Technology, and entrepreneurs from four commercial businesses are now looking for investors so the Wave-Eco can be debelopped and implemented commercially.